Momentous Snapshots
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About: This will be where I'll post some of the photos that I took throughout the years.
I think photography is one of the best way to preserve the beautiful moments of life :) enjoy

P.S. Some of the photos posted on this blog are not mine.
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Bird’s eye view

Bird’s eye view

Heavy winter by Mikael Sundberg

Heavy winter by Mikael Sundberg

Monster on the outside…
Sweetness on the inside :)

Monster on the outside…

Sweetness on the inside :)

Sherrilyn Kenyon — The Guardian

Sherrilyn Kenyon — The Guardian

Creeping beauty

Creeping beauty

Dance and Keep on Loving

There you are, standing alone 

in a place where boundless darkness reign.

You seemed so lost, like a child

waiting for a direction,

or a marionette,

waiting for its master to play you

then the haunting notes of the piano begins,

its origin unknown…

a beat, two,

its pounding staccato seems to seep into your soul,

You make me sad,

with your melancholy arabesque;

It reminds me of the love that was lost

at the beginning of winter,

when everything just seem to die,

But then your master changed the tune,

It is light and sprightly,

like the air in spring,

the season of love;

As with the music, your movement change too;

suddenly you are lost no longer.

Your master have arrived,

and he played you so well,

he played you so gracefully, 

that your glides are

fragile and delicate like a swan

yet at the same time, 

sleek and strong like a tiger;

Your merry pirouette,

brings smile into my face,

Your lively grand jete,

brings hope into my life,

hope for a future love;

I thank you for this hope;

and I’m sorry, but 

I must go now,

I must go and run after my love!

But don’t worry,

I’ll be back

and hopefully then,

we’ll both perform an act of love,

instead of heartache.

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